"Band of artists, painters, builders, music makers, merriment creators, travelers, animal lovers, urban vacationers, beach combers, rust farmers, star gazers, book readers and barn dwellers..."  ~Samvega


     Samvega's energy of sound is a contagious chameleon. The five piece band makes music on an art farm in Northern California, where they have created their very own brand of psychedelic, dark circus rock. 

     They are underground artists with DIY minds, breaking music into a subway of the subconscious that tantalizes the head like a crossword puzzle on a carousel. Dealing cards of self inspection, moody angst, and soap box circus, they move along the underbelly in search of the world and take you along for the ride.

     Samvega has currently released their third album titled, " The King is Asleep". Available on vinyl at all live Samvega events and digitally on iTunes.

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     Samvega  plays their very own brand of Psychedelic and Experimental Rock with a touch of dirty blues and world fusion.  Their style is often referred to by the local San Francisco Bay Area crowd as Dark Circus Rock-N-Roll.  



They are influenced by the psychedelic rock scene of the 60's and 70's and the Punk/ Grunge music of the 90's.  True originals and powerful lyricists like Lou Reed  and Tom Waits are some of their favorite classic Rock-n-Rollers.  Most recently, fusion bands like Goat , Dakabrahka, and The Black Angels have highly influenced Samvega's new material.